Nasty divorce stories from all over the globe

People share their nasty divorce stories from around the world

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Nasty divorce stories from all over the globe 1
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At weddings, people promise to love one another for forever. While many couples stick to their vows, there are, unfortunately, some pairs who aren’t a good match after all. Whether you have experienced it or not, divorce is clearly no fun at all. Unlike the preparation for your wedding day, you won’t go shopping for a tux and wedding dress nor will you go hunting for the perfect nuptial venue. You will, however, spend a lot of time in an attorney’s office signing papers and deciding who gets the house, the car, the savings, the kids, and the dog, etc. These people shared their nasty divorce stories, so read on for some horrific divorce stories.

#1 Run, wife, run!

Nasty divorce stories from all over the globe 2
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She didn’t want to be married or a mom anymore. She also wanted to see other people. I showed her the door and she ran like a cheetah. Left me and the kids. All I had to do to get custody was to keep paying her cell phone bill and car payment. This was pretty much all she cared about — too stinking bad that was not part of the divorce agreement. I stopped paying the day after the divorce was final.