Movies that were wrong about the future

These films inaccurately predicted the future

The Postman (1997)

Movies that were wrong about the future 1

Based on David Brin’s 1985 book of the same name, The Postman projected that the U.S. would be a post-apocalyptic wasteland by the year 2013, following a series of plagues, the fall of the government, and the breakdown of society through hate crimes and racially motivated attacks, which collectively left a huge impact on human civilization and erased most technology.

Though hate crimes and racially motivated attacks remain prevalent in the U.S. at present, the country’s government hasn’t fallen yet. We’re also in the middle of a technological boom, with new inventions and innovations almost every month.

In the Kevin Costner-directed movie, Costner plays a nomadic drifter who stumbles across the uniform of an old U.S. Postal Service mail carrier and unwittingly inspires hope in others by pretending that a new government already exists.