Movies that were wrong about the future

These films inaccurately predicted the future

Soylent Green (1973)

Movies that were wrong about the future 1

Loosely based on Harry Harrison’s 1966 sci-fi novel Make Room! Make Room!, Soylent Green envisions a future world where the collective effects of overpopulation, pollution, and climate change have caused severe global shortages of food, water, and housing. And in an attempt to solve the dreadful population growth, rations manufacturer Soylent Corporation resorts to industrial cannibalism to feed people. Its main product, Soylent Green, is introduced as being made of plankton, but as the film unfolds, the main character discovers that it’s actually manufactured from people.

While the movie is set in 2022, it’s safe to assume that the awful things that took place in the movie will not happen next year. Because even though overpopulation remains one of the greatest threats to global stability in the real world, it’s not yet as serious as the one depicted in the Richard Fleischer-directed film.