Movies that were wrong about the future

These films inaccurately predicted the future

Freejack (1992)

Movies that were wrong about the future 1

Starring Emilio Estevez, Mick Jagger, Rene Russo, and Anthony Hopkins, Freejack is set in the then-futuristic year of 2009 where the uber-rich people have developed a way to transfer their consciousness into younger and healthier bodies. But since global pollution and a drug epidemic have wiped out the majority of the human population, the wealthy people have begun hiring mercenaries to travel back in time to kidnap young people from the past.

Obviously, the Geoff Murphy-directed film got all its 2009 predictions wrong. Aside from the fact that the first instance of time travel has yet to be recorded in the real world, there were also over 6.84 billion people on the planet back in 2009.