The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet

These fantastic cosplayers are bound to turn some heads

#9 Alyson Tabbitha

The most phenomenal female cosplayers on the planet 14
Source: Instagram @alysontabbitha

This stunning woman showcases her extraordinary talent, as she traverses the entire spectrum of cosplay. We’re not sure how she does it, but whether Alyson is recreating a male or female character, or even an inanimate object, she manages to pull it off perfectly. Her past jaw-dropping cosplay outfits include Edward Scissorhands, Nebula, Wonder Woman, Arwen Undomiel, and even Captain Jack Sparrow. To top it all off, Alyson doesn’t just dress the part, she makes the dresses too. That’s right, all her costumes are proudly handmade. In the photo above you can see her portraying herself as Wonder Woman, and it’s such a good portrayal that she could give Gal Gadot a run for her money.