Marriage proposal rejections that will make you cringe

Don’t worry, they say that rejection leads to redirection.

Marriage Proposal rejections

Marriage is a wonderful thing, and having someone who wants to walk down the aisle with you and spend forever with you is a blessing of epic proportions. But while we all love fairytales, the truth is that not all marriage proposals result in happy-ever-after. In fact, some end in rejection that are crazier than you can ever imagine.

From grooms getting ghosted to brides feeling betrayed, these are some of the craziest marriage proposals rejections we’ve ever heard of. But hey, don’t worry if someone rejects your proposal. You’ll find your soulmate eventually; we believe that. For now, let’s cringe, grimace, and laugh at these failed marriage proposal rejections that have likely led to heartbreak, happiness, true love, and epiphanies.

Here comes the bride… or not…

#1 You’ve got mail

Marriage proposal rejections that will make you cringe 13
Photo by Paula Anne from Pexels

“Not exactly this, but I proposed, got engaged for like 2 months, then got my ring returned in a paper bag with very little explanation of what went wrong.

It was horrible right after. Like, couldn’t stop thinking about it every second. Then every minute. Then every hour. Then every day. Then week. Then month. Then year. It’s been over a decade now and it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. We were so so wrong for each other and it was a toxic relationship. You can’t see it until you’ve had some time outside of it to reflect and to meet someone you get along with so well you wonder why the hell you didn’t meet them earlier.” –insanitylater