Making Sense Out Of Cheating: 30 People Share Stories of Unfaithfulness With Their Partners

Are these reasons valid enough or not?

#30 Through Think And Thin

Making Sense Out Of Cheating: 30 People Share Stories of Unfaithfulness With Their Partners 1
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I cheated on my ex-husband. It’s not something I’m proud of and I hate how much I hurt him.

We met in the army & got married way too quickly without really knowing each other super well. He deployed for a year shortly after we got married. After he got back home from Iraq, we really got to know each other better, fell in love, & all was great. He deployed again about 18 months after returning from Iraq. He was gone 9 months. When he returned home, he was a different person. Completely a different person. It was so sad & wildly heartbreaking.

I begged and pleaded with him to get help. He did eventually get diagnosed with PTSD. He refused to do any type of therapy and kept himself isolated from me.

After years of trying to help him any way I could, I checked out. I mourned the loss of our relationship. I was emotionally out of the marriage. We were living pretty much as roommates.

I was sad & lonely. I should have done the right thing and divorced him before getting involved emotionally or physically with another man, but I’m human & screwed up.

I texted an old boyfriend from high school one night after a few glasses of wine by myself. We quickly began an emotional affair, texting each other all day every day. My husband/roommate had no idea bc he paid no attention to me. Eventually, we met up in person & that’s when I physically cheated.

Eventually, I did file for divorce and moved out. He did find out about the affair & I saw more emotion from him than I had the whole 10 years of marriage. I had broken him and I hate how much I hurt this man I once loved.

If anyone reading this is considering an affair or a fling of some sort while you’re still legally married, despite how “married” you think you are or aren’t, please don’t. —Samantha-ghost