Making Sense Out Of Cheating: 30 People Share Stories of Unfaithfulness With Their Partners

Are these reasons valid enough or not?

#16 Cheating Galore

Making Sense Out Of Cheating: 30 People Share Stories of Unfaithfulness With Their Partners 1
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I was a sophomore in high school and I was dating damn near the valedictorian, she had a star GPA, was in choir and theatre, cute as hell, and I could talk with her for HOURS. Being in the band program, a lot of the people I dated also happened to be in the band program one way or another, so when I started dating, we’ll call her B, I got mixed responses. A couple of kids said I was only dating her to get out of the band program and I was using her and blah whatever high school bullcrap you can think. The others were really supportive as previous girlfriends were a bit nutty.

Anyways there was an individual who I thought was a female best friend, someone I could come to with all my problems and just talk to when crap gets heavy. She was 2 years older than me (a senior in the beginning) and she too was cute as hell. She and I were teachers’ assistants together where we basically sat in a back office and made copies every once in a blue moon. We were jokingly flirty, and I was trying to hook her up with an acquaintance so I figured nothing dumb would happen. She kinda started making moves toward me, super subtle stuff. Talking more than usual, sitting near me more often, just being around a lot. B wasn’t suspicious, in fact, she was really supportive and happy that I had other friends and such, and in the end, that’s what ended up breaking my heart the most.

It was about September, and other kids that have gone through band know that’s the beginning of contest season, and we sat next to each other on every ride. In the back. Where you know damn well what happens back there. That’s the beginning of it, and this continued for a few months. We took a trip to New York together, and that’s where we had sex for the first time, and it just got more and more. After a while, I was living 2 lives, one with B, and one with the affair.

B ended up finding out. Because the affair SENT HER SCREENSHOTS OF CONVERSATIONS WE HAD. It didn’t occur to me until recently that there’s only one way that could have happened, but needless to say, B left in a hurry. I continued to “date” the affair girl for a while though because I thought I was happy.

Complications happened, and I ended up not being able to talk to her for a month, which wasn’t as bad as I thought it was at the time, but during that month, I didn’t see anyone else. I cheated to get here, but cheating to get out feels low (like cheating wasn’t low enough??). Once I could talk again, it felt different, but I ignored it as I assume it was just nerves that it would happen again.

I suspected something was happening around December of last year. She was over at a “friend’s” house a lot, and around January, she left. She swore up and down it wasn’t for him, but lo and behold, they were dating less than 48 hours later. I found out later she had been with him behind my back for about 3 months before she left. —MajikDrumzy