The most inspirational things BTS ever said

Aside from their soul-stirring music, we love BTS for their words of wisdom

#3 If you’re struggling with the challenges of isolation

The most inspirational things BTS ever said 14
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“A fresh start might seem far away, but I wish to tell you: please, don’t be afraid. Don’t worry about yourself. The end and the beginning, and the beginning and the end are connected. There are some things that you can only do in isolation, such as focusing on yourself and breaking your own barriers…One small person can dream the biggest dream, paint the largest picture, and make endless possibilities come true. When we meet again, I look forward to seeing your dream, your picture, and your endless possibilities out in this world. Take your hands off what you can’t control and get your hands on what you can change. As you and I continue on in life, we will find ourselves in so many situations out of our grasp. The only thing we can control is ourselves. Get your hands on the changes that you can make, because your possibilities are limitless. After all, I also had no idea I would become BTS either.” – Suga at Dear Class of 2020 

Suga has a knack for writing music and lyrics that pierce past the noise and straight to the heart of the unfiltered truth. This talent clearly reflects in his speeches, and they’re nothing short of magical. Suga may seem like a brooding cool guy, but there’s a lot of profoundness radiating from his soul.

We may be living in a temporary time of masks and physical distancing, but we can still dream, plan, and grow. We shouldn’t give ever give up, even in isolation.