The most inspirational things BTS ever said

Aside from their soul-stirring music, we love BTS for their words of wisdom

#29 If you feel boxed in by society’s boundaries

The most inspirational things BTS ever said 14
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“One thing was very clear, and it’s even clearer thanks to you guys, and thanks to Variety, is that music has truly the power to overcome various kinds of barriers including languages, nationalities, and many boundaries.” –RM, Acceptance Speech at Variety’s Award Show

Racism and discrimination have been spreading like a sinister virus in our world since the beginning of time; but just because it’s been around forever, doesn’t make it okay. In fact, it’s a virus that we have yet to eradicate, and the only cure is basic common sense. Too bad you can’t turn that into a vaccine.

What we love so much about RM is that he stands for equality. We mean, just look at him and the rest of BTS, for instance; they’re the biggest superstars on the planet with countless hits and millions of followers, but they don’t discriminate against anyone. Instead of making others feel inferior, they chose to use their influence for good and take action against violence, hatred, and racism. Now, that’s what we call a flex.