The most inspirational things BTS ever said

Aside from their soul-stirring music, we love BTS for their words of wisdom

#21 If you need motivation for self-improvement

The most inspirational things BTS ever said 14
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“The pressure of being perfect is always there, but I want to show them that I am improving. If had a chance to improve every aspect of myself, then I would work hard to make it happen rather than just sitting idly by.”  –Jungkook, Paper Magazine Interview 

Perfection isn’t a matter of fact; it’s a matter of opinion. Your idea of perfection will vary from another person’s concept of perfection, and that’s the exact reason why perfection is unattainable. But you know what is attainable? Growth. The more we focus on self-improvement, the more we grow into a more beautiful version of ourselves. You don’t need to change; all you have to do is evolve.

Just take a look at Jungkook; he’s evolved from a cute soulful singer into a matinee idol who belts out high notes, produces music, writes lyrics, and directs music videos. Yes, JK, you know you glow up.