The most inspirational things BTS ever said

Aside from their soul-stirring music, we love BTS for their words of wisdom

#13 If the uphill climb gets tough

The most inspirational things BTS ever said 14
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“Some people climb mountains alone, while some climb with others. We talk, interact and share memories with each other as we reach the top of the mountain, but I think we are a group who is willing to withstand all the good and the bad in order to climb up the top together.” – V, Break The Silence Docuseries 

V’s insightful point of view reminds us that if the climb gets tough, just remember that the view is better from the top. His climb to the top of the music industry was one that stood in the public eye for years now, and we’re glad he (and everyone else in BTS) never gave up until they reached their goals. We’re excited to see them conquer more mountains as their career reaches new heights.

We all have an uphill climb, and every time we choose to take a step forward, we bring ourselves closer to living out our dreams, to adding more milestones to our beautiful lives. the climb isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Remember that if it’s worth having, it’s worth working for. The climb is tough, but you’re tougher.