The most inspirational things BTS ever said

Aside from their soul-stirring music, we love BTS for their words of wisdom

#12 When you gotta keep your eyes on the prize

The most inspirational things BTS ever said 14
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“We’re so different in personality and in the smallest ways. Regardless, we’ve been able to stay together for so long without clashing. I realized that it’s possible because we have the same common goal.” –  Jimin, Break The Silence Docuseries 

 The septet is very open about their little differences, but as Jimin stated during the Break The Silence Docuseries, they were able to stick together for over seven years and counting, because they share a common goal. Park Jimin, everyone, spitting truths.

If you have a goal, never let the little downsides get in the way. Always weigh what matters more. Also, everyone has different personalities. So, if you ever clash with your family, friends, or teammates, just try your best to compromise and collaborate. If we can learn to accept each other for both our highs and lows, then that’s the beginning of true friendship.