How Disney Princesses would look if they lived in 2020

Belle, Ariel, Jasmine and the other princesses fit in well in the 21st century.

Now that you’ve seen what your favorite Disney Princesses would look like if they lived in 2019, have you ever wondered what your favorite Disney princesses would look like if they aged and grew up like real people?

Costume designer Tony Ross, for one, was not the type to rely on his mind’s eye alone. He collaborated with costume designer Nephi Garcia to organize an elaborate set where the duo tried to portray what your favorite Disney princesses would look like. “What would Disney princesses look like as Queen mothers?” That was the question they tried figuring out in the photoshoot. To answer the question, they gathered together six models and their real-life mothers. Here’s how it went:

#24 Real-life Ariel

Source: Tony Ross

The youngest daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena looks classy, charming, and elegant as ever before.