Hilarious courtroom confessions

Objection, your honor!

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Hilarious courtroom confessions
Hilarious courtroom confessions

A courtroom is usually saturated with a serious atmosphere, but it isn’t safe from epic fails (often caused by someone on the stand) that can affect a lawyer’s disposition and even cost them a win. On the other hand, these little slip-ups are often instrumental in revealing the truth, proving that karma sometimes comes in the form of self-service.

While these catastrophic moments can be detrimental to the trial, they do sometimes make for hilarious courtroom confessions that we can all laugh at after the fact. From people accidentally admitting to their crimes to getting entangled in their own web of lies; it’s all here. We have some courtroom drama coming up right now, your honor.

#1 The truth and nothing but the truth

Hilarious courtroom confessions 1
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“First jury trial, pretty serious charges. I’m cross-examining the alleged victim, and in answering my question she says, “Oh yeah, I lie all the time!” Needless to say, I won that trial.” – captroper

Well, that was an easy win! The good news is that this attorney didn’t even have to work hard for it, yet justice was served on a plate.