Genius hacks that could save your life

These essential hacks are survival tricks that everyone should know about

#15 How to make a compass with a needle and a leaf

Genius hacks that could save your life 13
Photo by Valentin Antonucci from Pexels

If you ever get lost in the woods, the first thing you need to do is calm down, because panic will only make things worse. Then, check if you have a needle in your bag. Rub the needle’s eye against hair or silk 100 times to magnetize it. Afterward, place the needle on a leaf that can float on water. Try your best to make sure that no wind hits it. If done right and if no other metal objects are in close proximity, the needle should start pointing North and South.

If you do not have a needle with you, you can check rocks and trees to see which side the moss grows on. Follow that direction and it should lead you to a stream. Once you reach the body of water, it could lead you to an exit.