50 Groovy photos of celebrities

Travel back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s with photos of legendary celebs

#39 Bee Gees

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 16

Year Photo Taken: 1975

Nothing screams groovy louder than the Bee Gees flaunting their silky locks, elegant button-down shirts, and retro scarves on the album cover for their 1975 track, Jive Talkin’. Nowadays, we only see this sort of styling in K-pop, but we’re pretty sure that Hollywood will change its mind and dip its feet in this trend pretty soon too.

The Beegees started conquering the music scene in 1858. The 3 members almost always dressed up in matching outfits, and honestly, we find it so adorable. We can clearly see how deep their love is for each other and for shiny fashion pieces.