50 Groovy photos of celebrities

Travel back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s with photos of legendary celebs

25. Diane Keaton

50 Groovy photos of celebrities 16

Year Image Taken: 1972

This promotional treasure originates from the 1972 classic, The Godfather. Diane Keaton portrays the role of Kay Adams-Corleone and it fits her to a tee.

Aside from being a queen of cinema, she’s also the queen of suits, and we’re willing to fight anyone who disagrees. Every outfit she’s ever worn has been runway-worthy. We’re currently plotting about how to request to raid her closet. At 75, Diane still stays true to her style and never lets go of her trusty bowl hat. If we could rock a bow hat that well, we’d never let go of it either.