14 Outrageous geeky themed hotel rooms

Because your next vacation ought to be a really geeky one

#9 Star Trek Room

star trek 2 - 14 Outrageous geeky themed hotel rooms

Enjoy a walk in the stars with this intergalactic pad! With Kirk, Spock, Sulu and rest of the Enterprise crew for company, trekkies won’t want to ever leave. So get ready to ‘live long and prosper’ in the Curtis’s Star Trek themed room.

#10 Harry Potter Room

ghh room wc 1 1 - 14 Outrageous geeky themed hotel rooms

Witness the magical aura of Harry Potter and the wizard world with this beautiful Harry Potter themed room at the Georgian House. Themed and designed to emulate a wizard’s chambers, this room gives off a mysterious gothic vibe. Wannabe wizards will appreciate the four poster bed, mystic candles and cauldrons that all help to complete this magical experience.

#11 Disney Frozen Room

f4f527f0fc772d7d3e34936bfc4a4182 - 14 Outrageous geeky themed hotel rooms

If you love Frozen, you’ll love the Hotel de Glace – Quebec City’s Ice Hotel. The hotel was actually inspired by Disney’s Frozen, and features several ice themed rooms that have been inspired by Elsa, Anna and the castle from the film.

#12 Ice Room

art suite momos icehotel sweden 2016 800x480 - 14 Outrageous geeky themed hotel rooms

Here’s another ice themed hotel with ice themed rooms – the Ice room at the IceHotel. Spending one night here is a surreal experience. Despite temperatures in the suites being as low as -5 to -8 degrees Celsius, you’ll be sleeping on Carpe Diem beds that are covered with reindeer hides, and you’ll also be provided with thermal sleeping bags for extra warmth.

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