Foods that are surprisingly good for you

We come bearing good news: Gummy worms are good for you!

#6 Licorice

Foods that are surprisingly good for you 14
Image From Unsplash, Erwan Hesry

Invented in China circa 2300 B.C., licorice was originally used as a magical rejuvenation solution for aging men. Now, it’s known as a candy jar staple (personally, we like red licorice. How about you guys?)

When eaten in moderation, licorice has been said to fight off colds, soothe a sore throat, ease sinus congestion, and provide antiviral and antibacterial benefits. However, don’t rely on the classic licorice at your local candy store, because you can only get these health benefits from licorice tea, liquid herbs, or sugar-free licorice hard candy.