Foods that are surprisingly good for you

We come bearing good news: Gummy worms are good for you!

#3 Ramen

Foods that are surprisingly good for you 14
Image From Pexels, Jan Nguyen

We know what you are thinking: why is ramen on this list? Isn’t it just a big paper bowl of MSG?

Well, yes and no. As the wise men say: too much of anything is bad for you. The same applies to an oh-so-comforting bowl of ramen. It’s okay to have it once in a while, because giving to your cravings on your cheat days is mandatory.

In case you really can’t turn away from your ramen cravings, there is a healthier alternative. You can either learn to make your own noodles (which is really the best way to go) or ditch the seasoning packet and sprinkle in your own fresh ingredients, like low sodium doy sauce, black pepper, salt, eggs, meat, and veggies. #WeLoveRamen