Foods that are surprisingly good for you

We come bearing good news: Gummy worms are good for you!

#23 Dragon Fruit

Foods that are surprisingly good for you 14
Photo by Lovefood Art from Pexels

The dragon fruit looks as dreamy and fierce as it sounds. With a scaly fuschia and green exterior that kind of resembles a mystical dragon egg, you’ll be surprised to find that the inside of this attractive fruit looks like cookies and cream.

Exotic on the outside, dragon fruit is pleasantly mild and sweet on the inside. Some even describe it as a combo of a kiwi, a pear, a strawberry, and a rose petal (what do rose petals even taste like?).

Moreover, its extravagant aesthetic, dragon fruit is rich in fiber, probiotics, and antioxidants. Let’s get that clear skin and svelte physique, people!