Foods that are surprisingly good for you

We come bearing good news: Gummy worms are good for you!

#16 Canned Pumpkin

Foods that are surprisingly good for you 14
Photo by Tôn Thất Phước Điền on Unsplash

Cooking vegetables usually concentrates their nutrients, which is a sure-fire method to get your body to absorb them faster and easier.

This is exactly why canned pumpkin is just as nutritious as its fresh counterpart. Canned pumpkin is essentially a pureed version of this carotenoid-rich veggie and is perfect for boosting your immune system, promoting heart health, and maintaining your skin’s youthful radiance.

In case you aren’t so keen on canned goods, you can always DIY boil and puree the pumpkin at home. There’s really no need to wait for Halloween as an excuse to go all out on pumpkin dishes!