Foods that are surprisingly good for you

We come bearing good news: Gummy worms are good for you!

#12 Kimchi

Foods that are surprisingly good for you 14
Photo by Portuguese Gravity on Unsplash

South Korea isn’t just making global headlines for its pop culture, technology, and impressive GDP; it’s also famous for a vast array of culinary masterpieces.

Take kimchi, for instance. This traditional table staple is made of assorted fermented and seasoned veggies, such as napa cabbage, cucumbers, radishes, ginger, and garlic. For those who can handle the heat of this spicy Asian side dish, you’ll be glad to know that regular kimchi consumption has been proven to increase immune dell development and lower cholesterol levels. Kimchi is even famous for its age-defying and antibacterial properties in combination with vitamin A, C, amino acids, flavonoids, and phytochemicals.

Eating spicy food has never been this satisfying and healthy at the same time! Saranghaeyo, kimchi!