Disney princesses reimagined as villains

These drawings feature Disney princesses as forces of evil

#36 King Triton’s daughters as evil mermaids

Disney princesses reimagined as villains 1
Credit: DeviantArt / Daniel Kordek

Polish artist Daniel Kordek transformed King Triton’s daughters into a group of evil mermaids in this ghastly artwork set in the Kingdom of Atlantica. Inspired by the mermaids from the 2011 fantasy swashbuckler film Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides, these versions of Attina, Arista, Alana, Aquata, Adella, Andrina, and Ariel are lethally-minded sisters of the sea that rise up from the waves to lure men into their arms. Though stunningly beautiful, they are conniving and dangerous, and would do anything to protect their home.