Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender

This is how your favorite Disney princesses, princes, and villains would look like if they were the opposite sex.

    Ever since the controversial all-girl Ghostbusters remake was released in July 2016, Hollywood’s interest in gender-bending movies has been reignited. Though the Paul Feig-directed film starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, was a box office flop, its commercial failure didn’t stop film producers from investing on gender-bending reboots.

    With Ocean’s Eight’s relative box office success, more gender-swapped remakes have been brought to the big screen, including the female-centric remake of What Women Want called What Men Want starring Taraji P. Henson; and the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels redo, titled The Hustle, with Hathaway and Rebel Wilson tagging in for Michael Caine and Steve Martin. Additionally, a Splash remake, where Jillian Bell will play the Tom Hanks role and Channing Tatum will have the tail as a merman, is currently in development.

    Walt Disney Pictures have also jumped on that trend. In July 2016, it was confirmed that it would reboot The Rocketeer with a black female pilot in the lead role. Moreover, Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of the 1995 animated film Lady and the Tramp will feature a gender-switched supporting character named Jackie. The Scottish Terrier character is a gender-swapped version of Jock from the original film.

    But will Disney ever produce a gender-bending remake of one of its animated classics? Although nothing is really impossible in Hollywood, it’s less likely that Disney would dare to do one, given the political criticisms surrounding gender-bending reboots and the uncertain box office fates of such movies. Fortunately, Disney fans don’t need any feature-length film to see a gender-swapped version of their favorite princesses, princes, and villains, because lots of brilliant digital artists have already reimagined several of these characters as the opposite gender. Take a look at the list below to see some of these amazing fan art.

    #1 Female Aladdin and Genie

    Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender 12
    Credit: DeviantArt FERNL

    It looks like female Aladdin and female Genie go out of the palace for what appears to be a late-night dance rehearsal. Is Aladdin brushing up her moves to impress Jasmine in the dance floor?

    #2 Male Tinker Bell

    Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender 13
    Credit: Tumblr Galaxy Speaking

    This gender-bent Tinker Bell is a ruggedly handsome fairy. Though he’s sporting a huge and delicate pair of wings, his snobbish look and fully-tattooed upper body make him extra mysterious and sexy.

    #3 Male Ariel

    Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender 14
    Credit: DeviantArt sakimichan

    Merman Ariel is ecstatic to have a glimpse of the human world once again. And he isn’t the only one who’s happy, as his ever trusty best friend Flounder looks overjoyed as well.

    #4 Male and Female Elsas

    Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender 15
    Credit: DeviantArt sakimichan

    If Elsa has a twin brother then this how they would look like together. The artist’s version of the Queen of Arendelle is cute and cunning, while her male counterpart looks like a hunky playboy.

    #5 Male Ariel and Ursula

    Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender 16
    Credit: DeviantArt Kelly Burke

    Merman Ariel seems a little bit frightened by the approaching male Ursula. But it looks like the villainous sea warlock isn’t trying to pick a fight, as the smile on his face suggests that he’s ready to make amends.

    #6 Male and Female Ariels

    Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender 17
    Credit: DeviantArt sakimichan

    These male and female reimaginings of Ariel are both oozing with hotness. But the cheeky wink and the sexy smile of the male version of the character makes him more of a head-turner than his female counterpart.

    #7 Male Esmeralda

    Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender 18
    Credit: DeviantArt sakimichan

    This gender-bent Esmeralda has the fierceness of the original character. While it’s unclear how good he is as a performer, we’re pretty confident that his good looks and undeniable charisma are more than enough to draw a large crowd.

    #8 Gender-bent Ariel and Eric

    Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender 19
    Credit: DeviantArt Miranh

    Featuring a male Ariel and a female Eric, this artwork recreates one of the most iconic romantic scenes from the 1989 animated classic The Little Mermaid. The illustration captures the movie’s color and textures so well that it makes some spectators believe — even just for a while — that Ariel is originally a guy and Eric is a lady.

    #9 Male Cruella

    Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender 20
    Credit: DeviantArt sakimichan

    Pulling off a bulky fur coat while still looking badass is not easy, but this male version of Cruella effortlessly does that. He’s also got a pretty face and an irresistible swag, but the villain’s wickedness still seeps through his sultry bedroom eyes.

    #10 Female Hercules

    Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender 21
    Credit: DeviantArt Camus Altamirano

    Sporting Hercules’ iconic armor, this female version of the legendary Greek hero is seemingly taking a breather from her sword-fighting training. Though she looks a little laid-back in this piece of art, her muscular arms and toned legs suggest that she has gone through a lot of intensive training to be the fighter that she is today.

    #11 Gender-bent Frozen characters

    Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender 22
    Credit: DeviantArt Jonás Emanuel

    Recreating one of the most intense scenes in the 2013 animated film Frozen, this fan art features gender-swapped Anna and Kristoff, along with female Olaf, convincing male Elsa to get back to the castle. But since Elsa knows that he might end up hurting more people if he goes back to the capital soon, he is left with no choice but to drive off the trio by threatening them with his powers.

    #12 Male Maleficent

    Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender 23
    Credit: DeviantArt sakimichan

    Despite his pair of huge horns and overall devilish appearance, this male reimagining of Maleficent is surprisingly sexually appealing. He also looks equally intimidating as the original version of the villain, thanks to his glowing eyes and dark rugged robe with armor-like accessories.

    #13 Gender-bent Ariel and Eric Version 2

    Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender 24
    Credit: DeviantArt Ureshi-San

    This gender-bending fan art shows a female Eric trying to calm down a male Ariel. But since it appears it’s the first time Ariel gets to see Eric up close and personal, the merman is left speechless by the human’s beauty and kindness.

    #14 Gender-bent Belle and Beast

    Disney characters reimagined as the opposite gender 25
    Credit: DeviantArt Ureshi-San

    Male Belle is carefully tending to the wounds of female Beast in this piece of fan art. Though Belle is a bit terrified by Beast’s grumpy look, the former’s desire to help the cursed princess triumphs over his fear.