Disaster Dates: Waiters Around The World Share The Most Disastrous Valentine Dates They’ve Seen

Seemingly perfect and innocent dates went wrong

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#7 A Valentine’s Gift from a Grandson

Disaster Dates: Waiters Around The World Share The Most Disastrous Valentine Dates They've Seen 1
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This was relayed to me by a close friend

Older Woman, probably in her upper 90’s with her teen-aged grandson at a semi-classy restaurant. She was dressed to the nines and the grandson was in a nice button-up and dress slacks. As they got seated at their table the grandson placed a framed photo of what my friend assumed was the boy’s grandfather and husband of the older woman.

​ Found out it would have been their 70th wedding anniversary but he had passed suddenly but peacefully a few months back. The grandfather had always wanted to take her to a nice restaurant but never had the time or money to do it. So the grandson saved up his pay from the last couple of months and even got some donations from other relatives and took her to the restaurant. They ate dinner remembering all the good times with the man. They had my friend take a picture and she did. They tipped my friend very well.

By happenstance, my friend ran into the young man some weeks later to find out the grandmother passed away a few days after that night, peacefully in her sleep holding a photo of her beloved husband. He was so happy he could make that night special to her. Said it was the only day he saw her smile since his grandfather passed away. He got the picture they took at the restaurant printed wallet-sized and carried it around with him in his wallet.

edit: Fixed some spelling and added more details after speaking with my friend again. I am not a great writer so this might diminish the story, I tried though. Thank you for the award! And I posted this to bring something a little different to the thread other than cheating spouses. It’s sad because the lady lost her soulmate of 70 something years, before Valentine’s day, which also would have been their wedding anniversary. —GodEaterSha