Disaster Dates: Waiters Around The World Share The Most Disastrous Valentine Dates They’ve Seen

Seemingly perfect and innocent dates went wrong

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#12 Valentine Medley

Disaster Dates: Waiters Around The World Share The Most Disastrous Valentine Dates They've Seen 1
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16 years in hospitality gives you some good stories.

The most awkward:

My first job as a waitress, a guy wanted to propose to his girlfriend. He came in 2 months before to book and had everything figured out. He planned to pop the question during dessert. We had champagne, balloons and sparklers prepped for the big moment. The time comes, he drops to one knee gives a speech about his love for her. He asks, she says no, puts the ring in her bag, finishes her dessert, and leaves. Quite possibly the most awkward thing I have had to witness (alongside around 200 other people.) The manager gave him everything for free he felt that bad for him. Cringed inside every time I saw him after that.

The most f**ked up:

I was working as a duty manager and one of the tills kept dropping off the network. As I was trying to fix it I could clearly hear the conversation at the table by the waiter’s station. It started out sweet enough with her excitedly telling him she was pregnant. He went quiet and didn’t say anything for a bit and then asked her what the plan was. She said she was keeping the baby. He said he didn’t want kids and had told her this. She got upset and said she thought he’d be happy and change his mind when he found out. (By this point I’ve fixed the till, but am unable to step away from this car crash.) Turns out she stopped taking the pill without telling him thinking she could turn him around. He said he knew she could be a little nuts sometimes but this was next level. He told her it was over and she could send someone to collect her things as he wanted nothing more to do with her. He called me over to pay the bill and just left. The guy never even shouted, he just calmly went f**k this and noped out of there. I couldn’t even look her in the eye, just left her to leave in her own time. 

The funniest:

Managing hotel room service where there was a valentines package that included getting each course of the special menu delivered to your room. More than a few couples thought it was a good idea to call for the next course and then start having sex. Having to help with deliveries as reception f**k up the bookings; I had the ‘privilege’ of people answering the door naked, seeing sex toys strewn around and one where the other members of the threesome were carrying on in the background. After complaints of similar instances from my team I had to take action. I ended up having to call the offending guests and tell them if they could not respect my team by answering the door in at least a closed dressing gown they could come down and collect the rest of their meal from the restaurant. Bonus from the same night: had to call an ambulance for a woman with a dislocated shoulder. The guy admitted that they were trying to recreate a bukk*ke type scene in the shower using conditioner as the ‘cum.’ He slipped in the conditioner and fell on her. —_lilliput_