These comics about a baby penguin trying to get its life together are totally relatable

The struggle is real for this young emperor penguin

Inspired by his love for birds and interest in ordinary life, Japanese artist Sheba creates comics about a baby emperor penguin trying to figure out life one day at a time. Sheba’s artworks show the cute penguin making an effort to get basic daily tasks done, and while the flightless bird doesn’t always succeed, it’s actually what makes these drawings very relatable to many. Take a look at some of Sheba’s adorable creations below, and be reminded that it’s okay to fail as long as you pick yourself up and try again.

#1 Gymnastics

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Baby penguin should really consider shedding off some pounds after failing to lift its own body weight in this gymnastics obstacle. While there’s a springboard to help the chick propel itself over the trapezoid hurdle, baby penguin is just too feeble to get to the other side of the barricade.

#2 Pants

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Excited to try on his first-ever pair of pants, baby penguin puts both of its legs into the trousers only to find out that its lower limbs are too short for it. While the nestling looks really disappointed, we’re hoping that that the chick will soon realize that penguins look more adorable with their cute legs and feet visible.

#3 Tear here

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Baby penguin’s patience is put to test when he tries to open a pack of snack with its bare hands. As seen in this comic, the chick attempts to open the packet twice but fails both times. Despite that, baby penguin doesn’t seem frustrated. Does this mean this has happened to the nestling several times before?

#4 Jumping rope

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Just because jumping rope looks easy doesn’t mean it really is. And that’s what baby penguin seems to realize in this comic. While regular practice could help baby penguin be better at it, the chick shouldn’t feel any pressure, as lots of kids have grown up without actually learning how to jump rope.

#5 A for effort

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

As the rain pours down, Baby penguin holds its umbrella higher in an attempt to share it with its parent. Though baby penguin is trying its very best, the chick is just too short to make it happen. Baby penguin shouldn’t feel bad, though, as parent penguin sees its offspring’s effort, and that’s what matters.

#6 Hula-hooping

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Like a lot of first-timers, baby penguin didn’t seem to expect hula-hooping to be so hard. Though the chick looks disappointed after failing to spin the hoop around its waist, we’re pretty sure that the nestling will pick it up again and take another shot.

#7 Sit-up

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Hoping to get in shape, baby penguin decides to do some sit-ups. But after struggling really hard with its first try, the chick lies flat on the ground, thinking whether to give up or give it another try.

#8 Ice skating

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Can’t wait to glide and spin on ice, baby penguin quickly straps on his skates and steps on the ice. At some point, however, the chick loses its balance and accidentally discovers that butt sliding is way more fun than ice skating.

#9 Taking a pic

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Baby penguin takes a picture of its parent using a camera phone. Given the considerable distance between them, parent penguin expects the photo to be a mid-shot. So when the picture turns out to be a close-up shot of its beak, parent penguin realizes that its child needs to take photography lessons right away.

#10 Yoga ball

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Yoga balls look so much fun to use during exercise, but incorporating them to one’s workout can be really tricky at first. Without any assistance, newbies can fall off the ball, just like what happens to baby penguin in this comic. Though the chick manages to lie on top of the ball for a few seconds, the nestling ultimately slides off the gym equipment head first.

#11 Hanging grab handles

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Featuring a different species of baby penguin, this comic sees a young macaroni penguin trying to reach a hanging grab handle while on public transport. The chick strenuously extends its arms upwards, but its limbs are just too short to even touch the tip of the grip. Realizing it’s a lost cause, the baby penguin just holds onto an adult emperor penguin to keep its balance.

#12 Folding clothes

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Folding clothes is one of the easiest household chores, but baby penguin is obviously terrible at it. Despite that, parent penguin sees the chick’s effort and definitely appreciates its initiative to help.

#13 Portrait

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

No matter what they actually look like, drawings made by kids are all precious. So baby penguin’s portrait of parent penguin will surely go up on the fridge for everyone to see.

#14 Cowlick

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

An oddly placed cowlick can easily become the bane of your existence, but once you start to embrace it — just like baby penguin does in this comic — you’ll soon realize that cowlicks are pretty common and there’s really no need to stress out about it.

#15 Making new friends

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

While strolling with parent penguin along the beach, baby penguin bumps into a tiny little crab. With the crustacean’s sharp pincers in full display, the nestling quickly hides behind its parent for safety. Though a bit scared, baby penguin wants to make new friends, so it waves its hand at the crab to say hello.

#16 Automatic faucet

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Have you ever had that experience when you just want to wash your hand but the automatic faucet is acting up? Well, that’s exactly what baby penguin is going through in this comic. First, it takes a long while before the tap detects the chick’s hands. And when it finally dispenses water, it just stops right away, much to the nestling’s confusion.

#17 Eating together

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

The dining table has been set for two — one for baby penguin and one for parent penguin. But after noticing that its parent seems sad, baby penguin tries to cheer up the mood by moving to its parent side of the table, so they can eat closely together just like the old times.

#18 Dreams do come true

Baby penguin is in for a yummy treat! In this comic, baby penguin is dreaming of a world filled with gigantic donuts. And that dream is about to come true, as parent penguin has prepared two full plates of donuts for baby penguin to munch on the moment it wakes up.

#19 Ripple

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Captivated by the vastness of the ocean, baby penguin can’t help but stare at the beautiful body of water. The serene moment, however, turns to panic when the chick sees a small wave rushing to the beach. While it’s not clear why the nestling is afraid of it, it’s possible that this is its first trip ever to the sea.

#20 Family time

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Baby penguin squeezes itself on the sofa between its mom and dad in this adorable family portrait. Holding cups of their favorite hot drink, the trio seems to have gathered together to watch a movie.

#21 Notice me!

Seeking attention, baby penguin decides to bother its father who is busy reading the newspaper. But instead of approaching him properly, the chick punctures the newspaper with its round adorable face to make sure that it gets daddy penguin’s full attention.

#22 Sweater

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Baby penguin looks warm and cozy in its lovely beige sweater. But after noticing that its feet are cold, the chick hastily takes off its sweater and uses it to cover its hands and feet. Clearly, this comic shows that baby penguin is more about practicality than fashion.

#23 Ripped plastic bag

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Baby penguin has bought apples from the market. But on its way home, the chick finds out that the bottom of the plastic bag carrying the fruits has been torn apart. With the apples fallen to the ground, baby penguin finds itself speechless, probably considering using canvas bags on its next grocery run.

#24 Made fun of

Parent penguin tries to shoot a crumpled paper into a trash can beside baby penguin.  But instead of throwing the paper straight to the bin, the adult penguin naughtily aims for the chick’s head, which ends up tossing the paper into the can.

#25 Momma?

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Baby penguin is being followed by three little ducklings in this cute comic. While baby penguin doesn’t seem to understand why the ducklings are followings its trail, it’s likely that the ducklings have mistaken the penguin for their mother.

#26 Ice cream date

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Baby penguin and its father go out for an ice cream date. Everything is fine until a scoop of baby penguin’s ice cream falls off the cone. Determined to save the sweet treat before it touches the ground, daddy penguin swiftly dives into the ground and successfully catches the dessert with a cone.

#27 Brood pouch

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Looking for a cozy place to hang out, baby penguin squeezes itself under its father’s brood pouch. Brood pouch is the warm layer of feathered skin just above and between the legs of mature male penguins. They use it to incubate their eggs while their female counterparts go to the sea to feed.

#28 Pirate

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Unleashing its inner Jack Sparrow, baby penguin looks badass with its pirate hat and cutlass. Parent penguin, meanwhile, is taking a break from all the pirating with a bottle of alcoholic drink.

#29 Alarm clock

Baby penguin goes straight to its parent’s room after getting up early in the morning. But instead of waking its parent, the chick gives the adult penguin extra time to sleep by taking the latter’s alarm clock out of the room.

#30 Too short

Credit: Twitter @niwazekisho

Trying hard to reach a knob, baby penguin raises its heels and stretches one of its flippers as high as possible. Sadly, baby penguin’s efforts will never be enough, as the knob is just too elevated for the chick’s height.

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