Celebs who work regular jobs

These celebs traded in the spotlight for a normal life.

Celebs who work regular jobs 1
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When you’re famous, you’re constantly in the spotlight. Aside from building a career out of talent (some of them at least), a celebrity’s life is dipped in glitz and glamour for the whole world to see. That includes cameras flashing, fans admiring, records breaking, and revenue growing. However, when you take a closer look, there is also tabloids talking, haters hating, and projects failing. Some celebs continue to shine in their careers for many years. On the other hand, some end up giving up the fame for a more ordinary career that keeps them out of the spotlight.

These celebs have bid farewell to stardom and are now happily working regular jobs. Read on to find out if some of your former favorite stars shine in different careers too!

#1 Travis Tedford

Celebs who work regular jobs 2

Travis Tedford rose to fame after he portrayed the role of Spanky in the 1994 film, The Little Rascals. The spunky child actor also made waves when he appeared in a commercial for Welch’s grape juice when he was only 5 years old. In 2010, he appeared in the horror flick, The Final, and has since taken a step back from the spotlight.

This cute face is now all grown up and has found his new calling as an inbound marketing specialist in Texas.