Celebs who died young

These actors, musicians, and public figures passed away before their time

#44 Duane Allman

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Credit: Ed Berman / Wikimedia Commons

Born: November 20th, 1946

Died: October 29th, 1971

Age at death: 24

Cause of death: Motorcycle accident

Duane Allman, the founder and original leader of the Allman Brothers Band, was riding his Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle at high speed on Hillcrest Avenue in Macon, Georgia when a flatbed boom truck stopped suddenly in an intersection near Bartlett Street, forcing him to swerve sharply. He struck either the back of the truck or the ball on the crane and was thrown from the motorcycle, which landed on top of him and skidded another 27 meters with him pinned underneath it, crushing his internal organs. Though he was alive when taken to a hospital and got immediate medical treatment, Allman died several hours later from massive internal injuries.

Best remembered for his expressive slide guitar playing and inventive improvisational skills, Allman was ranked number 2 in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time in 2003, and ranked number 9 in 2011. A sought-after session musician, Allman also performed with established stars such as King Curtis, Aretha Franklin, and Herbie Mann.