Celebs who died young

These actors, musicians, and public figures passed away before their time

#21 Kurt Cobain

Celebs who died young 14

Born: February 20th, 1967

Died: April 5th, 1994

Age at death: 27

Cause of death: Suicide by gunshot

A number of celebs who died young died of suicide, and among those was Kurt Cobain. Following a number of suicide attempts, the musician was found dead at his Lake Washington Boulevard home in Seattle by electrician Gary Smith, who had arrived to install a security system. Smith initially believed that Cobain was asleep until he saw a shotgun pointing at his chin.

A suicide note was found on the scene. Addressed to Cobain’s childhood imaginary friend, Boddah, the letter stated that Cobain had not “felt the excitement of listening to as well as creating music, along with really writing … for too many years now.” According to the coroner’s report, Cobain’s body had been lying there for days before it was discovered.

Best known as the guitarist, primary songwriter, and frontman of the rock band Nirvana. Cobain was praised by his angst-fueled songwriting that widened the thematic conventions of mainstream rock music. Often regarded as a spokesman of Generation X, Cobain is considered to be one of the most influential musicians in the history of alternative rock.