Celebs we lost in 2021

A huge number of famous faces have passed away this year

Clive Sinclair (died September 16th, aged 81)

Celebs we lost in 2021 14
Credit: Christian Payne / Flickr

Clive Sinclair, an English entrepreneur and inventor who was best known for creating the ZX range of cheap microcomputers in the 1980s, died on September 16th in London after battling a cancer-related illness for over a decade. He was 81.

In 1961, Sinclair founded Sinclair Radionics, an electronics company that developed hi-fi products, radios, calculators, and scientific instruments. After creating the first slim-line electronic pocket calculator called Sinclair Executive in 1972, Sinclair shifted his focus into the production of home computers and released the Sinclair ZX80 in 1980. The launch of Sinclair ZX80, which was U.K.’s first mass-market home computer for less than £100, was followed by the release of ZX81 in 1981 and the release of ZX Spectrum in 1982. The latter was widely recognized by consumers and programmers for its importance in the early days of the British home computer industry.

Sinclair also formed Sinclair Vehicles in 1983, and under that company, he released a battery electric vehicle called Sinclair C5 as well as a 13-pound bicycle called A-bike, which folds down small enough to be carried on public transport.