Celebs behaving badly

Celebrities you probably didn’t know were arrested

#7 Bruno Mars

Celebs behaving badly 16

Bruno Mars was arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession in September 2010 hours after performing at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. According to a report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Mars, whose real name is Peter Hernandez, was taken into police custody at 1:50 a.m. after hotel security discovered the singer with narcotics. Mars was found with 2.6 grams of “white powdery substance” believed to be cocaine.

In January 2011, the singer pleaded guilty to felony cocaine possession to avoid jail time. Fast forward to January the following year, the charge was wiped from his record after completing more than 200 hours of community service, paying a $2,000 fine, and attending eight hours of drug counseling.