Celebs behaving badly

Celebrities you probably didn’t know were arrested

#50 Bill Cosby

Celebs behaving badly 16

Bill Cosby has been the subject of highly publicized sexual assault allegations over the years. The Golden Globe-winning stand-up comedian has been accused by numerous women of rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct. The dates of the alleged incidents have spanned from 1965 to 2008 in ten U.S. states and in one Canadian province.

When a stand-up routine by comedian Hannibal Buress became popular in October 2014, allegations against Cosby became more public and many additional accusations were made against him. He was convicted of aggravated indecent assault in April 2018. Five months later, he was sentenced to three to ten years in state prison and fined $25,000 plus the cost of the prosecution, $43,611.