Celebs behaving badly

Celebrities you probably didn’t know were arrested

#45 Mitchel Musso

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In October 2011, then-20-year-old Mitchel Musso was arrested for drunken driving in the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank. Four months later, the Hannah Montana actor pleaded no contest to one count of having a blood alcohol level of over 0.08, and was sentenced to 36 months of informal probation. He was ordered to complete alcohol education classes and must pay a fine.

“I appreciate the court allowing me to resolve my case in the manner it did today,” Musso told E! News in February 2012. “In becoming an adult, I have learned first-hand that stepping up and taking responsibility is the best way to move forward. I am especially thankful to my family and fans for their unwavering support and encouragement. I am glad to now put this in the past.”