The BTS boys like you’ve never seen them before

Fall in love with the world’s hottest K-pop band all over again with this list of striking BTS fan art.

With over 18 million followers on Twitter, 16 million on Instagram, and 8 million on Facebook, BTS is no doubt one of the hottest boy band in the world right now. And with a huge following like that, it isn’t surprising to see lots of online fan art dedicated to the k-pop group and its individual members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

Like in most fandoms, BTS fan art comes in different styles. While realistic BTS fan art is probably the most common, there are also a number of BTS artwork created using the chibi style, cartoon style, and the manga style of drawing. Though no drawing style is essentially better than the other, the same can’t be said for the themes or subject matter of the fan art.

The best BTS fan art are usually those that have a unique concept. With a large number of BTS fan art out there, it’s common to encounter two or more illustrations that have similar content. So BTS fan art that offer something new naturally gets the most attention and praises.

Some of the best BTS fan art was featured at the 2017 Love Your BTS exhibition in what was once the Lisa Cooley Gallery in New York City. The exhibition featured around 174 artworks culled from social media through the hashtag #Love_Your_BTS —  a play on the boy band’s fifth extended play, Love Yourself: Her. Over 2,500 BTS fans, aka A.R.M.Y., went to see the two-day exhibition, which was described as a full-on fan experience that deviated from the norms of a gallery exhibition and passive appreciation of art.

With BTS fans residing in different parts of the globe, that number is clearly a small portion of the massive fandom. So if you’re one of those who missed the Love Your BTS exhibition, let us ease your yearning for amazing BTS fan art with our own curated list of eclectic BTS-inspired artwork.

#1 BTS boys getting adorably touchy

Photo Credit: Aikimei

#2 BTS boys reimagined as girls

Photo Credit: Corinna Marie / TheGingerMenace123

#3 BTS boys as trendy chibis

Photo Credit: Maryam Safdar / Mari945

#4 BTS boys looking extra cute in onesies

Photo Credit: Randomsplashes

#5 BTS boys rocking some cool eyeglasses

Photo Credit: Randomsplashes

#6 Chibi BTS boys chilling out

Photo Credit: ghost-byun

#7 BTS boys wearing cute animal ears for their 5th anniversary

Photo Credit: Kanomatsu

#8 BTS boys showing off their fashion-forward outfits

Photo Credit: renkarts

#9 Soaking Jungkook fooling around with his girlfriend

Photo Credit: dlazaru

#10 V nervously applying nail polish on his girlfriend’s toes

Photo Credit: dlazaru

#11 Suga acting mysterious

Photo Credit: Zuzanna Suzu Mieloch / Woodstockowa

#12 JHope kissing his girlfriend on the lips

Photo Credit: dlzaru

#13 V hugging Jin

Photo Credit: K224

#14 V reimagined as an Abraxas

Photo Credit: EngerKlaux

#15 BTS boys being carefree

Photo Credit: renkarts

#16 JHope as an archer

Photo Credit: sakuyasworld

#17 Jin eating noodles

Photo Credit: Maryam Safdar / Mari945

#18 V looking charming in every angle

Photo Credit: taratjah

#19 BTS boys celebrating Jin’s 22nd birthday

Photo Credit: Chris Hong / kimchii

#20 Jin as a cleric

Photo Credit: sakuyasworld

#21 BTS boys’ graphite portraits

Photo Credit: Noonday-Sun

#22 Jungkook enjoying the snowfall

Photo Credit: Pa-ko

#23 V sticking his tongue out

Photo Credit: TheCorinna

#24 Fanfic-inspired BTS fan art

Photo Credit: verocayden

#25 BTS boys subtly flaunting their trophies

Photo Credit: Randomsplashes

#26 Jimin from BTS’ Spring Day music video

Photo Credit: jiefinch

#27 BTS boys on an excursion

Photo Credit: yeonggi

#28 BTS boys as manga characters

Photo Credit: PauShako666

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