The best rom-coms of all time

A good rom-com never fails to hit the spot. These are the top 50 romantic comedies of all time


6. The Philadelphia Story (1940)

The best rom-coms of all time 16

Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn and James Stewart are three of the greatest onscreen talents to have ever lived, so fireworks were the bare minimum to be expected when they starred together in a movie.

Not only that, but The Philadelphia Story was produced by the legendary Joseph L. Mankiewicz and directed by Gone with the Wind’s George Cukor, so it isn’t surprising in the slightest that just a star-studded array of talent produced one of the best rom-coms ever made.

Hepburn’s socialite has recently split from her husband, played by Grant on typically charismatic form, and is set to remarry before she crosses paths with both her ex and Stewart’s reporter, throwing her love life into chaos in one of the Golden Age’s brightest comedies.