The best rom-coms of all time

A good rom-com never fails to hit the spot. These are the top 50 romantic comedies of all time


13. Bringing Up Baby (1938)

The best rom-coms of all time 16

Another classic screwball from director Howard Hawks and star Cary Grant, the suave leading man finds himself up against one of his most formidable big screen opponents in fellow legend Katherine Hepburn.

Grant’s paleontologist is pulling out all of the stops to ensure his museum collects a hefty donation from a wealthy benefactor, but one day before his wedding, he meets Hepburn’s free spirit in a role written specifically for the actress.

Naturally, there’s plenty of mishaps and misadventures along the way, and quite how Bringing Up Baby managed to bomb at the box office remains a mystery given the legacy that it’s left behind.