The best rom-coms of all time

A good rom-com never fails to hit the spot. These are the top 50 romantic comedies of all time


19. You’ve Got Mail (1998)

The best rom-coms of all time 16

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan had already proven that they generated enough electricity to power an entire city, so no matter how dated You’ve Got Mail might be today, it still packs an emotional punch.

The setup is straight out of the rom-com playbook as Ryan’s independent bookseller and Hanks’ owner of a corporate franchise obliviously strike up an online romance despite their frosty interactions in the real world.

Hanks can do the loveable everyman in his sleep, but rom-com royalty Nora Ephron doesn’t shy away from the sentimentality, and if anything uses it to enhance the heightened romantic reality the movie creates for her characters.