The best rom-coms of all time

A good rom-com never fails to hit the spot. These are the top 50 romantic comedies of all time


29. Woman of the Year (1942)

The best rom-coms of all time 16

A-listers Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy headline what was viewed as Hollywood’s most progressive populist films at the time, one that ended up being adapted into a long-running Broadway musical.

Hepburn plays the title character, named so for her success as a journalist. Tracy plays her colleague at a New York City newspaper, and the two start off with an intense dislike of each other before inevitably falling in love.

Woman of the Year scored an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, which was fully deserved when you didn’t get many movies in the 1940s focused on a successful woman outshining her husband in a professional capacity, putting their marriage at risk in the process.