Artist shows how Barbie dolls have adjusted to life in quarantine

These photos reveal how Barbie and Ken dolls are spending the quarantine period

#9 Quarantine Barbie – What Time Is It? Edition]

Credit: Instagram / grandmagetsreal

If you feel like the quarantine has sent your body clock in a spin, this doll set lets you know that you’re not alone. Featuring a doll with visible dark circles under her eyes, this toy set reveals that Barbie is also having a hard time going to sleep as the pandemic makes the future more uncertain each day. Dressed in her nighttime pajamas, Barbie drinks a glass of warm milk to help herself go to sleep. But no matter how late she falls asleep, Barbie needs to get up on time, so an alarm clock is included in the set, along with everything she needs for breakfast like a cappuccino maker and bread toaster.