All the canceled TV shows of 2021

Did your favorite TV series get canceled this year?


All the canceled TV shows of 2021 14

Network: FX

No. of Seasons: 3

FX renewed Pose for a third season last 2019. But just this March, it was announced that it’s going to be the final season of the drama series. The show’s seven-episode final season is set to debut on May 2nd. The series finale will air on June 6th.

Series co-creator Steven Canals wrote in a tweet that they decided to end Pose with season 3 because they “reached the intended ending” of their story. Canals’ fellow co-creator Ryan Murphy said the same thing in a statement: “We got to tell the exact story we wanted, as we wanted to tell it, and I’m incredibly honored and grateful. Pose’s story may end in 1996, but its impact will go on forever.”

Set in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Pose is about New York City’s drag ball culture scene, the gay and trans community, and the raging AIDS crisis of that time.