All the canceled TV shows of 2021

Did your favorite TV series get canceled this year?

The Twilight Zone

All the canceled TV shows of 2021 14

Streaming Service: CBS All Access

No. of Seasons: 2

Paramount+, the rebranded CBS All Access, announced last February that there won’t be a third season of The Twilight Zone. In a statement released that month, producers Monkeypaw Productions and Genre Films revealed that it was their decision to end the series.

“We greatly enjoyed our time working on The Twilight Zone — particularly when the real world around us often felt more and more like another dimension. We cherished the opportunity to collaborate with so many talented writers, actors and crewmembers,” read the statement. “[But] after 20 unique episodes, we have told the stories that we wanted to tell, and CBS All Access was gracious in their understanding of our decision.”

A modern reimagining of Rod Serling’s 1959 anthology series of the same name, The Twilight Zone tells various tales of science fiction, mystery, and horror narrated by Jordan Peele.