All the canceled TV shows of 2021

Did your favorite TV series get canceled this year?

The Duchess

All the canceled TV shows of 2021 14

Streaming Service: Netflix

No. of Seasons: 1

Netflix canceled The Duchess after a single six-episode season that premiered last September. “[Netflix] didn’t want to make any more, not enough people watched it. I think something like 10 million people watched it in 28 days and that wasn’t enough,” series creator and star Katherine Ryan revealed in an episode of Vicky Pattison’s The Secret To… podcast this April. “But also, I’m not terribly sad about it. I feel like it’s a whole lot of work, a whole lot of time to make a sitcom. I was so grateful to able to make it, but I think it speaks for itself. I kind of like the way it ended.”

In The Duchess, Ryan played the role of Katherine, a fashionably disruptive single mom living in London, who was starting to consider having another kid, provided she could find a suitable father for the child first. The series also starred Katy Byrne as Katherine’s daughter Olive, Rory Keenan as Katherine’s off-the-grid ex Shep, and Steen Raskopoulos as Katherine’s new orthodontist boyfriend Evan.