All the canceled TV shows of 2021

Did your favorite TV series get canceled this year?

Grand Army

All the canceled TV shows of 2021 14

Streaming Service: Netflix

No. of Season: 1

Netflix canceled the Katie Cappiello-created series after just one season. Variety broke the cancellation news eight months after the show’s October 2020 premiere. The streamer didn’t provide any reason for cancelling Grand Army, but a behind-the-scenes drama that surfaced prior to the show’s debut might have impacted the series’ ultimate fate.

When the trailer for the series was released in fall 2020, playwright Ming Peiffer ― who served as a story editor and a co-writer of episode 8 ― revealed on Twitter that she and two other writers of color on the show quit after experiencing “racist exploitation and abuse.” It’s unclear if those claims have been verified, but Peiffer has made no further comment since then.

Loosely based on 2013’s Slut: The Play by Cappiello, Grand Army followed five students at the largest public high school in Brooklyn as they take on a chaotic world and fight to succeed, survive, wild out, break free, and seize the future.