50 Greatest TV shows ever made

Spanning seven decades and every genre under the sun, this is TV’s best of the best.

14. Justified

50 Greatest TV shows ever made 13

A noir-infused Western set in backwoods Kentucky, Justified sees a big city U.S. Marshal return to his home turf to enforce his own unique and distinctive brand of justice.

For six seasons, Timothy Olyphat’s laconic and charismatic Raylan Givens faced a huge number of threats, but Walton Goggin’s incredible work as Boyd Crowder made sure that the lawman only had one arch-nemesis.

The acting, directing, writing and production design were all of the very highest quality, marrying old-fashioned action and melodrama with a light touch that made it ideal viewing for those who wanted an entertaining and weighty series that didn’t have any airs or graces.