30 terrible movies saved by great endings

Bad films that find their footing at the last minute

Beowulf (2007)

30 terrible movies saved by great endings 1

One of the first 3D movies to be released on the big screen, Beowulf was praised for its stunning visuals. However, some critics and viewers found the plot boring, thanks to its extremely complicated source material.

Despite its dull first and second acts, the Robert Zemeckis-directed movie concludes with a thrilling and action-packed final scene, in which the titular character (Ray Winstone) swings around and attacks a dragon, who is also his son. Because they are somehow linked to each other, Beowulf rips out his own heart to kill the dragon, much to the thrill of the audience. In addition to the scene’s shocking moment, the satisfying ending is also an impressive metal action sequence that is truly pleasing to the eyes.