30 surprising things you will only see in Dubai

Some of the most bizarre things that make Dubai a unique city

World’s first temperature-controlled ‘city’

30 surprising things you will only see in Dubai 14
Credit: OIC Real Estate / Twitter

The world’s first temperature-controlled indoor “city” will soon rise in Dubai. Called Mall of the World, the 48 million-square-foot shopping center is expected to draw 180 million visitors to the city every year — even during the sweltering summer season.

The “city” will house the world’s largest indoor amusement park, which will come with a dome that can be opened during tamer winter months to allow fresh air to circulate. The “city” will also include 100 hotels and serviced apartment complexes, an entertainment center to host 15,000 people, and a 3 million-square-foot “wellness district” for medical tourism. Buildings in the city will be connected by promenades stretching 7 kilometers.