30 stars celebrating their 40th birthday this year

These celebs are turning 40 in 2021

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Josh Groban

30 stars celebrating their 40th birthday this year 1

Singer-actor Josh Groban marked his 40th birthday last February 27th with an Instagram post that looked back at the last 10 years of his life. “As I exit a decade and enter a new one, the thing that stays the constant as I get ever so slightly wiser is that experiences are richest when shared,” Groban wrote, alongside a black and white photo of himself. “My 30’s brought some insane highs and some devastating lows and a whole lot in the middle but those emotional growing pains are cushioned by love. I’m so grateful for my friends, loved ones, family, fans…you get me and help me learn and let me play. Here’s to new challenges and dreams and to passing it on.”

Groban released his ninth and latest studio album Harmony last November. On the acting side, Groban’s most recent main role is Tony Caruso Jr. on Netflix’s murder-mystery dramedy The Good Cop.